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How to care for your Pseudo Tattoo


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Q: How long do airbrush tattoos last?
A: Airbrush tattoos typically last between 5 to 7days, depending on your skin type and care. To insure your tattoo lasts as long as possible, consider all instructions

Q: How can I make sure my airbrush tattoo looks as vibrant as possible?
A: To ensure your airbrush tattoo looks vibrant, it's important to apply a quality airbrush tattoo ink. Pseudo Tattoo offers a wide variety of vibrant, long-lasting inks to choose from.

Q: What is the best spot to apply an airbrush tattoo?
A: It's best to apply your airbrush tattoo to an area that does not get a lot of friction. Common areas include the arm, shoulder, leg or back.


Special Attention

At Pseudo Tattoo, we specialize in airbrush tattoos that last up to two weeks, and we offer a variety of unique designs and colors for you to choose from. Our tattoos are water resistant, smudge-proof and non-toxic, so you can be sure that you won’t have any skin irritation.

We take pride in our work and strive to make sure that each tattoo looks and feels the best it can. To give you a truly unique look, we recommend applying talc powder to your tattoo after showering to give it that inset look. Come visit us and get the perfect airbrush tattoo today

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